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About the School

Life never fails to surprise us every day. Astonishing the young generations with the great things in any way, things envisioned through eyes without dismay. The charms of yesterday’s past; the efforts and time spent would never become futile; every moment worthwhile.

Raises Academy has made a remarkable legacy leaving a footprint for the young generations to embellish and nurture more. With its alumni fruitfully earning their degrees and entering into a career of their own has added grandeur to their much-loved Alma Mater.

“So many blessings await those who patiently obey God’s words and persistently walk in His path.”

An Institution outpouring with the myriad of blessings; a teaching avenue for children - the school which from the time of his existence has made to known to the world that God’s outstanding hands are at work. Truly the Lord finds a way to pursue the better plan he has for his people.

For the Lord declares; “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm, plans to give you hope and a future. “         Jeremiah 29:11


Raises Academy ( Angono Rizal ) Inc. shall; 

  • Promote Value of learning, self-worth and dedication to God.

  • Provide quality and accessible education to enhance the development of child’s potentials

  • Uphold educational freedom having an atmosphere with loving care and respectful and working personnel to make teaching-learning more effective and meaningful.

Philosophy of the School

Raises Academy ( Angono Rizal ) Inc. considers the school and the teachers with the support of the family in developing students’ potential. Preschool, Elementary and Secondary provide learning activities that will develop potential fostering love, understanding, physical strength and continuous discovery.


Raises Academy ( Angono Rizal ) Inc. is an institution committed to providing a school for building strong character, God-fearing, loving and intelligent individuals.

Goals and Objectives

Raises Academy ( Angono Rizal ) Inc. wants to see children in this nation enjoying education on the basis of their potential. 


A student may differ from one another because of the economic and social status of his Family, race and religion, but all children are alike with regard to basic needs -- love and affection and their need to belong.


The school must be a learning center. All things demand planning and careful analysis of desired policies. The aim of the school is to provide complete equipment, sustain better teaching outcomes as a result of adequate facilities. 



The Raises Seal corresponds to the foundational culture of the school. The different elements and the significance of each are as follows:


The SUN represents the illuminating light and its five rays reflect the real meaning and fulfillment in life.


The OPEN BOOK symbolizes the first academic programs as well as the teaching–learning activity and all such related activities.


The TORCH represents the education as manifested in its vision aimed to endow with enlightenment its student populace.


The TWO BRANCHES of the laurel leaves stand for excellence to which every Raisean must aspire to achieve in all the challenges that confront him


Main Campus

(02) 8451-0305


(02) 8451-0305

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