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By: Hannah Margareth Dometita and Vince Mendiola - 9-Faith

Raises Academy has lots of great plans when it comes to monthly activities, that is why it is no surprise that English month this year was a blast for everyone. The school launched exciting events that were enjoyed by everyone, such as the celebration of National Reading Month, where the school library was decorated to welcome guests. This encouraged more students to read books, and appreciate it.

The next event was the Scrabble tournament: different levels and sections join to show off their wide vocabulary. The school made sure it was exciting and fair for all of the participants.

The last activity they launched was the Speech Choir, where every level and section were to perform “The Champion” by Carman. The competition was judged by the Elementary Department of Raises Academy.

At the awarding, the first awards were for the Scrabble competition, Kirk Castillo of Grade 7-Blessed got fourth, Kristaline Perez of Grade 8-Witty got third, Johncarl Solomon of Grade 9-Faith got second, while Aaliyah Ebot of Grade 10-Love got first place.

The second awards were for the winners of the Speech Choir competition. Grade 8-Witty at third, Grade 10-Hope at second, while Grade 10-Love at first place.


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