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Thoughts on Digital Violence

By: Kristaline B. Perez - 8-Witty

Children are now running around with their desired video games, but what if that fun can lead to harm and misdirection? Parents and the government all around are entitled to their vision that video games teach children violence. Even though most children get their more difficult habits from the Internet. However, negative aspects at its influence can be recognized as well.

Using Internet provides series of opportunities for better communication. Higher quality education and great fun but involves a lot of risks people spending majority of their time using digital technologies, therefore becoming key factors in creating good or bad peer communication.

The most mentioned known risk is various form of Digital Violence. Digital violence is a relative phenomenon — all forms of harassment by using digital technologies, sending or posting offensive or cruel text or images using the internet or other digital communication tools.

One way to prevent unwanted communication and to avoid Digital Violence is to educate students, parents and teachers about familiarity on Digital Literacy. By personally involving every student in sports, music or other activities will prevent them from spending more time in digital world. Lastly, helping them (the students) to focus on GOD’s design, word and purpose will be of great help.


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