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Write your own Destiny

By: Jamila Ashlyn Ingua - 10-Love

That is your life

Why are you letting anyone dictate you?

Do you think that’s right?

Well, let me tell you

Say “NO” if you don’t want to

Say “YES” if that is so

When it comes to temptation be resistant

When it comes to your dreams, be persistent

Don’t let them control you

Don’t let them bring you down

Don’t let anyone underestimate you

Because this life is your very own

Don’t say something offensive to someone

Even though judging was normal to anyone

Those eyes are used to see the beauty outside

But your eyes can’t avoid to notice the true beauty inside

The world’s dark side has got them blind

When it comes to good things that you have done

Therefore, you still manage to be kind

Though the pains still remain

Standout and show the world your pure heart

Love yourself and embrace even your darkest past

They can’t stop you no matter what

For this is YOU and this is what you’ve got

Don’t turn your back, don’t hide away

Face the world then walk your way

Lift up your head and hold it high

Be fearless and start to fly

A writer has control on his story

Now, be brave and write your own destiny

Don’t let others invade your space

Because happiness is at your place


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