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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept transferees?

    Yes, we accept transferees except Grade 12.  But they can make an appeal to the committee through subject evaluation. 


What are the requirements for transferees?

     Photocopy of birth certificate, report card,  picture, completely-filled out application form and Certification of Good Moral Character.


When is the start of classes?

     As DepEd already announced August 24 is the start of classes. But during this time of uncertainty changes might happen. It all depends on DepEd approval and announcements.


Will there be an Orientation on how the school will walk through the New Normal?

      Yes, orientation and familiarization on the New Norm will be conducted a week before August 24, which is the first day of classes.


Are we the ones who will teach our children?

     No, online education is a collaboration of teacher and parent; as the saying goes two heads are better than one


Are there changes in the grading system?

     We are still waiting for DepEd guidelines regarding the grading system.


How about graduation rites?

     We are still hopeful that everything will be back to normal and graduation will push through even on a later month. Graduation tributes will happen online to give recognition to the works of our students.


Do we still need to pay the graduation fee?

       Since we prepared everything before lockdown, only the incurred expenses will be paid. Pictures, diploma, sash and certificates will be given together with the refund for those who made the payment in full. If graduation is pursued, only the amount corresponding to the deducted graduation expenses will be needed to be paid.

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