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Guidelines and Updates

School Year 2020 - 2021
1. Raises Academy will adopt distance/blended learning through digital/printed modules and online learning resources as needed under the DepEd curriculum

Mode of Delivery:

Distance Learning

Synchronous learning - is online education that happens in real-time using Learning Management Platform. The teachers and learners do video conferencing, chatting, and messaging.


Asynchronous learning - occurs online or offline without real-time interaction with the instructor. Scheduled activities were done during this time. For younger learners,  parents’ assistance is needed. 


Blended Learning


Combines online and traditional base classroom methods. Blended learning will happen only when DepEd and IATF as well as Local Government permits and if the minimum health standards have complied.


2.  Learning Management System (LMS)


The Learning Management System is our communication tool that will be used in delivering our lessons.  It will act as a bridge between the teachers and the parents as well as among and between students.  LMS will serve as an avenue of classes where classroom activities may take place  (instead of the physical classroom).



The official platform of Raises Academy is GSuite and Microsoft Team as an alternative that we can use during video conferencing.


GSuite and Microsoft allow us to officially use the platform. This will help the stakeholders to communicate with the teachers even through live conferencing. ( During reasonable and scheduled time) Correspondence, updates, and news will be directly sent to your email. Teachers and students can utilize different software and applications under Google and Microsoft for education purposes. Administration can easily supervise the teachers and attend to the parent concerns. 


All Parents and Students  will be given an email account for easy access and communication under the domain


Here are the applicable devices for online learnings: tablet, desktop, laptop and smartphones.

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3. Learning Materials


Learning materials like modules and handouts formulated by teachers will be provided. Also, the use of textbooks will help minimize the use and exposure of students to the internet. Along this note is the common feature of LMS (create, deliver, report) which is helpful to connect alongside with other learning tools thus providing classroom response systems through the use of Microsoft/Google applications including phones, laptops, and cameras.




Raises Academy will continue to help develop the students potential through Holistic approach.


ECA formation will still be done through video conferencing engaging students to work not only with their classmates but to the whole school community. Speakers from different industries will surely help develop students other personal interests online, therefore develop their socio-emotional skills


Mentoring for students will be scheduled for those who seek counselling through a live chat with the counselling team of course in accordance with Data Privacy Law. Character formation at this digital age needs to be given attention.


Concerning health matters, our school nurse will be conducting webinars to ensure the knowledge and awareness of the children and parents on health concerns in coordination with the local government unit (LGU).

 4. Enrollment Procedure


Option A - Online Enrollment


  1. Fill out the E-Form

  2. Pay the minimum amount

  3. Make the payment through our bank accounts

 4. Send the proof of payment

 5. Scanned copy of the original receipt will be sent to you.

Option B - On-Campus Enrollment


Office schedule:  Monday - Wednesday - Thursday

9:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M


As we enter the school premises, please be reminded of the school protocol about health safety. Please wear a face mask and observe social distancing.

5. Tuition and Other Fees

Miscellaneous Fees and other fees will be reduced up to 25% depending on grade level (athletic fee, laboratory fee, energy fee among others will be removed. Payment for Aircon, Computer fee, Journal and Uniform will also be temporarily deleted. Learning materials as well as IT-related infrastructure included in the fees.

Tuition fees are used for administrative services,  salaries and wages of employees.


Books - In spite of the vast ideas or insights that the internet provides, textbooks will be an accessible and useful tool in cases when designated time for internet use is over while and during the learning sessions. Prices of books will be announced on a later date upon availability. We are carefully evaluating the books that will provide the needed competencies with consideration of its value.


Note: All fees that will be removed and will be reduced upon enrollment will be paid only when blended learning starts.                                    


Senior High School

This school year No Tuition for Senior High School who is a voucher holder.  For those coming from: 

Public - A registration of P500 is only required to be enrolled for one school year.

Private - A registration of P500 + P3000.


Course offering for SHS this school year is GAS with specialization in ABM. 

Note: No Books for SHS

6. Role of Parents 


Instructions will come from the teachers in collaboration with parents. Discussion of lessons will be done by teachers through live streaming with minimal time for younger learners and preschoolers. After this,  students will work on the given task,  to be assisted by the parent at their own pace. Older learners, on the other hand, will be working on their own (for self-dependency) but will be supervised by the parent to make sure that they are attending class virtually.




Home education will take place, all learning processes will be assisted by the parent even during live streaming with the teachers.


Training using modules and recommended webinars will be sent to parents' email. This will help parents to be equipped with the ways and means of home education.


Consultations with teachers concerning their questions, queries and clarifications will be done once every week until we are used to the new norm.  After all,  “It takes a family to RAISE a child”.

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