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Butterfly Afloat

By: Kristaline Perez - 8-Witty

Michaella Nashline Geronimo, a 12-year old student from 7-Blessed, and one of the swimmers to represent Raises Academy in Swimming competitions. She lives in Happy Homes street of Barangay San Vicente.

She received multiple awards, from her younger years. Like in 2017, where she had won two bronze medals for the category of Breast Stroke and Freestyle. In 2016, four gold medals for Swimming, Backstroke, Breast Stroke and the Butterfly Stroke. And currently for APSAA, four gold and a silver medal for Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and the Butterfly Stroke, the silver medal for Individual Medley. Now, for provincial ranking, she reached Rank #4, though she did not receive any medal.

Finally, for the highlight of her Swimming events: in PRISAA 2019—Provincial meet, she received three gold medals and two silver ones. For the gold medals, the categories were Back Stroke, Freestyle and Butterfly Stroke and for her silver medal, she got it from the Individual Medley category.

To know her more, here are some highlights from the interview:

“How did you start?”

“Hobby po. Grade 5 nagsimula dahil sa mga paskel. Una po Taekwondo, next Running, at Swimming.” It started as a hobby, after Taekwondo and Running. She became interested when she saw the posters about Swimming, and now she has been active in this sport for over 3 years.

“How many times have you joined competitions?”

“Nasali na po ko sa Provincial ng tatlong beses, at meron rin pong small Swimming events.” She's a very active and willing player when it comes to competitions, she really trains well when it comes to Swimming.

“What is your ultimate achievement?”

“Yung makapasok po sa Provincial Meet.” a Provincial Meet is a big event where students from different schools are picked to compete inside one Province.

“Who motivates you most?”

“Tatay ko po.” the most supportive of her when she participated in Swimming, her father, so it's understood that he would be her motivation.

“How do you balance your studies and being an athlete?”

“Nagrereview po ako sa bahay para sa mga kahit ano mang test, minsan po bumabagsak ako, pero mataas naman yung grades ko.” even though being a student and an athlete at the same time is difficult, she manages to keep her grades up.

“What’s your motto or quote to motivate yourself and other athletes?”

“Para sa ibang mga athlete, magandang ipatuloy ang pagtraining at laging support ang isa’t isa, para mas lumakas ang loob ng buong team.” she encourages everyone to exercise and take care of their bodies well, and support each other when one of the team members are anxious.


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