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By: Janica Francine Elise Lalic - 10-Love

The NBTC League was held for a week from November 11, 2019, until November 15, 2019. The first 4 days of NBTC happened in the Rainbow Court, while the last day of the event occurred in the Angono Gymnasium where more supporters have been given a chance to cheer for their teams. This yearly sports competition gave our Raises ́ Basketball team another chance to shine and put their months of practice into action. Our team played efficiently until on November 13, 2019, during the 3rd game, Raises team managed to defeat their opponent, St. Martin Montessori School. It started and ended well for the team. Each player gave their best, and the 1st win during the league inspired and motivated them to give their best again for the 4th game.

The 4th day of NBTC League came and our players stepped on the court with confidence and determination to win once again. Alfaro number 6 of Raises and player number 8 of St. Clemente started the 1st Quarter. The opponents earned their first 3pts shot, 5 minutes after. Followed by Solomon ́s 3pts shot, that took the Raises team in lead with 7 points. The 1st Quarter ended with a score of 15-10 (Raises left, St. Clemente right). During the 2nd Quarter, the game maintained its calm atmosphere till it passed with a score of 40-24. The atmosphere was soon easily broken as the 3rd Quarter entered. The goal of the Raiseans to win can be clearly seen in their eyes. But even in the midst of the heating game, the team still managed to enjoy and smile while it ran. Jessie number 12 and Cortez number 7 both threw a clear 3 point shoot in the 3rd Quarter. The rest of the players defended the shooters and put the team ́s techniques into action with every chance they got. The 3rd part of the game ended with a score of 65-37.

During the 4th Quarter, the opponents were more aggressive than the 1st three quarters. During these last 10 minutes, our players for this round did not show traces of taking the game easily, considering the fact that our team is in great lead but continued to enjoy the game and played it fairly. They showed how far they can go with everything they learned during the training. Each player continued to motivate themselves and cheered for each other along with their supporters. The cheers rang louder as the timer showed a few seconds left before the game for the day officially closed. In the end, Raises Academy team won with a final score of 87-53.

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