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By: Janica Francine Elise Lalic - 10-Love

“Traffic... traffic...” you would simply know that you’re in the Philippines. . In fact, our country has one of the worst traffic cases in the world, especially in Metro Manila and urban areas. Mentioning the word “traffic” is enough to make us stress and swim in pictures of vehicles moving slower than a snail and being in that polluted, hot situation yourselves. But right now, the case of it worsened and we continue to suffer from its effects. The government implements laws and creates programs with an objective to solve this problem, yet nothing seems to work and traffic still occurs day and night.

Traffic impacts a lot of lives, but those who find a living in Manila and students who attend schools in the area suffer the most. We ought to arrive at our destination in time and with ease, but because of this problem, we arrive late and stressed. A travel time that ́s supposed to be 30mins.transforms into a 2 hour travel. Unfinished public constructions add to this problem as well. Because of corruption and government errors that cannot be avoided, some road constructions take years to end. Another disadvantage of traffic is air pollution and the disease we get from it. Funny it might sound, but being stuck in traffic can actually threaten our lives in various ways.

Last 2019, the “Build, Build, Build Infrastructure Program” that President Rodrigo R. Duterte started years ago, consistently tries to make progress in creating programs to diminish severe traffic, from road widening, alternative routes, highways, upgrading the LRT and MRT ́s condition, plans of using cable cars, and more ways just to keep the traffic from getting worse and give Filipinos and tourists a comfortable travel experience. The current government gives its best that it can to prevent this issue from getting more out of hand. They've made countless ideas and plans that are yet to be put into action. Traffic is not a problem that only revolves in Manila but in some busy, urban areas in the Philippines as well. If other foreign countries can fix a similar situation in their place, then we, the Filipinos who are popular for being hardworking and trustworthy in and out of the Philippines, can definitely do it too.

How? Let ́s start with the things we do that contribute to traffic as well. The accidents can be avoided if we consider safety measures and learn more the ways of the streets. Instead of parking cars on roads and places where it shouldn't be, let us be responsible by taking it on real parking lots and spaces that are designated to serve this purpose. Think about what you will cause by blocking the road and causing the traffic to get worse. As responsible Filipinos, we can also help by not just buying a car if you know you lack the place for it if not in use. In simple ways, we can help. We cannot just depend on the government ́s plans and actions. We cannot just depend on them and complain once a project wouldn't end easily, while we, ourselves, made mistakes that led to traffic. Just like what the MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia said, “The traffic in Metro Manila, it did not happen overnight. This was 30, 40 years behind. We cannot solve this overnight also.” We cannot wait forever for this problem to end, or improve at least, but we can help, and be a part of the Philippine ́s worst traffic, to have a big positive progress in the end”. This can make many Filipinos ́ lives better too. Would you like to experience traveling without getting stuck in traffic most of the time? That will be very nice, wouldn't it?


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