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For The Last Time

By: Janica Francine Elise F. Lalic - 10-Love

We stood with confidence in front of the audience

Our determined hearts took us to the top

For the last time,

We wanted to show who we are

That we ́re a one big family full of laughter and love

Our chaos and flaws brought us here

In a land of beauty and unending trust

We learned how to walk with our own feet

Not as a loner but together forever

A simple word with such a deep meaning

“Together” let ́s be like this forever

But time would definitely separate us whenever

So with every last minute left,

let ́s make the most of what ́s left

Let us win, let us lose

Let us laugh and cry till our faces hurt

Let us run let us walk

Spend a moment with mother earth

Let us sing let us dance

Feel the music and beat of guitar

Let us act and shout

Let ́s do everything while we can

Let us sit and talk like grown-ups for a while

Then we ́ll move like children in park

Let ́s do all of it if we can

Let ́s do it together for the last time

A one big family that is who we are

A bed of various flowers

Accidentally planted together

Just like the puffy clouds floating lightly

We find peace and warmth in each other ́s company

For the last time,

We will do many things together

Then when we part ways and forget each other,

One day we ́ll look back and talk about it together.


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