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By: Janica Francine Elise F. Lalic - 10-Love

The Raisean ́s Science Month, one of the most awaited events every school year, was celebrated into 2 parts, during the 1st week of the 10th month of a year: first is the Mr. and Ms. Eco Runway last October 9, 2019, followed by the Science Exhibit at October 12, 2019. Both events were held at the Raises Annex Gym and participated by Junior and Senior high students.

Mr. and Ms. Eco Runway is a pageant first held in Raises Academy way back year 2017. Ever since, the recycled dresses made by the students kept on improving by means of creativity and details applied. Aside from the fashion walk, for the day of competition, every section prepared an explanation about the dress they created and the representatives faced a question and answer portion. Everyone worked hard to create an amazing masterpiece out of recyclable materials.

In the end, the title holder of Mr. and Ms. Eco Runway 2019 are Aeril Dellomas from 10-Hope and Aaliyah Sharamis T. Ebot from 10-Love. Then, the announced Eco Runway 2019 first runner-ups are, Gabriel Franco Getizo from 10-Love and Erica Cuasay from 10-Hope. Aside from the major titles, special awards were given to the remaining participants as well.

Following the pageant with a cause, Grade 9 and 10 students faced next the Science Exhibit event. Grade 9 and 10 students are grouped into 4 and a certain booth theme was given. On the day of the event, students from Elementary and High School were invited to visit, try the games prepared, and gain knowledge from the science-themed booths. The main objective of this activity is to strengthen and renew the friendship and trust of Raiseans by putting them together in an activity that requires teamwork, trust and communication. Also, this activity aims to unravel students with a potential to be great leaders someday and teach students to be more resourceful and creative.

After the said event, an interview was conducted to ask some students, if the participants gave an effort to their booths. According to Therese Gayle Matatquin, from 8- Witty, she said, “Yes they gave an effort in decorating and designing the booths” (Oo nagbigay sila ng effort sa pag-decorate at pag-design ng booths) Aside from her, Vic Andrei Drez from 7-Blessed confirmed that the booths are good and amazing too.

Aside from the students who visited the Science Exhibit, Naomi Lucena, an exhibit participant from 10-Love concluded what she learned and experienced from the Science Exhibit. According to her, she is happy to have a chance to interact with fellow schoolmates. Though the preparation was challenging, at least she learned the importance of teamwork through her new experience.

Overall, the Science month had been exhausting due to countless activities and yet, the events were successful and everyone enjoyed and learned something in the end. The Month of Challenges became a month of newfound friendship and learning.


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